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The idea behind Froyo started in 2010 when a driven entrepreneur, Engineer Mohammed Hassan Sarkhouh, decided to go into the F&B market with an ingenious concept that focuses on frozen yogurt. 


Within a short period of time, Froyo managed to acquire a great share of the market and was successful in consolidating its name amongst some of the biggest franchises. 


Froyo’s quick and steady expansion is deservedly attributed to Engineer Sarkhouh's long expertise in the field of FMCG and restaurant management. Since 2004, he held several positions in pioneering food companies in Kuwait. 


What first started in 2010 as one branch operated by 10 employees is now a prosperous chain of 7 branches with 400+ team members overlooking management and the operation, with an aspiration for further expansion and attainment.



Since its establishment in 2010, Froyo has been inventive about the natural and delicious recipes it provides. Froyo’s yogurt is fresh, non-fat, and with no added sugar or preservatives. 


Besides frozen yogurt, Froyo has been keen on developing the most exquisite desserts that are made daily from scratch in Froyo’s kitchen. 


Froyo offers the best premium frozen delights that will surely warm your heart; starting from the irresistible yogurt flavors and delicious fresh toppings to the outstanding designs of Froyo’s branches and the unparalleled service. It will all lead you to have an enjoyable one of a kind experience that will rejuvenate your world.

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